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Secret of Ghanaian women revealed, Uncle Ebo white says money is not part

Playwriter Uncle Ebo white has asserted that is important to for men to recognize that women value sex caring and attention than money. 

He added that it is not solely enough to effectively and efficiently run a relationship with only money. You need these major elements beyond the tangible to enable the relatioship to thrive.

He backed his assertion with the case of Mr and Mrs Bill gate. According to him if money was enough the couple could have sustain without divorce on the side of the spectrum. 

Uncle ebow demonstrated the power of the intangibles. He saids 

"Give your woman all the money in the world and I will give her care, love attention for her to bring me your monies" 

This could be a new formular that could help Ghanaian men to fix their relationships and erase the perception that all that a women need is money and noting else.

It is also expect to boast the confidence of men to realise what women look out for.

Content created and supplied by: Kwame Offei (via Opera News )

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