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Get Her Heart Racing For You With This 5 Concealed Tricks Most Guys Lack

You wonder why you see beautiful girls in your neighborhood but you feel very shy to approach. With TrendingRoom, I'm going to speck you up with some nice and entertaining tricks that you could use to grab your lover. I've been in the game of love for long and I know what I'm talking about.

It's not as difficult as you think to approach a beautiful girl. Well, we all come from different backgrounds and we know how we respond to situations like this. As an averagely young looking guy, I found it very difficult to approach a girl for her to like me. I walked my way through the hustle, making calls, sending text message but still remained as a class 1 pupil. What would I do then?

Looking at my lanky physic, instead getting attracted to young girls, older women are those who I'm attracted to. I tend to realize that, women of such nature like guys with big "todoodoo".

I've developed some insane tricks that most guys likes that I use to grab almost 80% of the girls I come across. Believe in yourself that you could also grab one after this lesson.

Let's get started ...

1. Believe in yourself

Self confidence is one thing that turn most girls on. I mean build up your confidence when talking to women. Behave like a man and take control over the situation. You normally seems attractive to most girls if they see a guy portray that character.

2. Be funny and "cocky"

This is a very good trick to attract your dream girl. Let her feel happy whenever she is around you. This would make her take you over the 1001 guys out there. Too much of that also would put you in the friend zone so be very careful.

3. Take short breaks in your talk

Wow, this is also a good trick I've been using. I intentionally break in the middle of a very interesting conversation only for her to guess what I'm about to say. Well, don't tell her to continue your sentence for you but keep her in suspense and she would love to be with you always. Even if she gets the answer right, try to turn the conversation upside down.

4. Dress neatly

Dressing smartly and neatly is the dream if every girl to have a guy like that. Wear fitting tops and put in good shoes. Be mindful of the kind of perfume you use because some are allergic to it and that would be a big turn off.

5. Be yourself

Just be yourself and don't compare yourself to another person. This might reign your life and everything. Work hard and live the dream your please.

Thanks for reading, I prophesy you would grab your crash, if you believe type a big YES in the comment section. You can me on [email protected]

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