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4 Things women expect men to do on first date

There are things a woman hopes to see in a man on a first date. Remember that the first day can go a long way in creating a first impression. This is the reason why you should not overlook everything. Women are humans too, and they have standard and spec too.

1. Be kind.

Every woman wants to be with a kind man. Not just that, but a woman finds a man who is kind attractive. So as a man, you should be kind enough to hold the door for her. To prove you're the gentleman she wants. Women feel special when they are being treated special. So this is why this is very important on the first date.

2. Make her feel important.

You can make a woman feel important if you don't make her feel comfortable. As a man, there is no way you can be able to have a strong and lovely conservation if you both are just quiet. Try to start up a nice conversation that will make you both spend quality time together. If you have an idea of what she likes, you can always bring up a conversation about it. 

3. Don't force her.

4. Compliment her.

A woman pays attention to you more when you compliment her. As a man, you should learn to give a genuine compliment. When you compliment her, this makes her feel special and good-looking. It is also important that you don't say too much about her body on the first date. This will make her feel you are only attracted to her body. As a man, you should just focus more on complimenting her looks. Don't wait until you get home before complementing her, you should always be right in her face.

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