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Husband and wife relationship

Wife bills husband for sanitary pads even though she earns Gh4,734 monthly

In our everyday life, both women and men struggle to make ends meet. Every work matters irrespective of the mode of work as far as one gets what can sustain him or her and his or her family at the end of the day, be able to pay for their utility bills, pay the school fees of their children, among other things to enable sustainability of life. However, it is believed that men are responsible for the upkeep of the house, thus if he has a nuclear family. Some women of these days work also to help their partners in sustaining the house. Other women work to be independent.

In the case of the story below, a lady is known to be working and keeps her salary from her husband. She is said to have been keeping secrets from her husband about how much she earns and makes her husband pay for everything in the house including billing him for sanitary pads. According to the man, he knew that his wife earns Gh950 in the year 2016 and two years later, she got promoted and and when he asked about her salary increment, she said only Gh350 was added to her old salary. She is said to have bought a land without the knowledge of her husband. I know you are eager to hear the true story, read what the man said in the screenshots below and make your contributions in the comment section.

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