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Once You Notice A Girl Displays These Signs, All She Is Saying Is Chase Her

Men are often faced with the decision of whether to chase the women of their dreams or to quit. Here are six of these signs that, once you notice a lady display them, all she is saying is “chase!”

She Isn't Comfortable With You Being Too Close With Other Ladies. When a woman likes you, even though she may be acting funny, she’ll still be kind of protective. You ain't going to win her smiles by letting her know you just finished conversing with another lady in the room. Be ready to answer lots of questions if you ever do that. She’ll be concerned you are probably slipping out of her hands and would greet it with a subtle protest. When you notice this attitude recurring with her, she is just playing hard to get and wants you to do some chasing before she gives you a warm yes! She is yours already. Nothing else can probably make her feel as uncomfortable than you being with other ladies. She's definitely nurturing some feelings for you. Just play along by giving her the chase of her life.

Her Generous Smiles Are A Sign She Wants You To Chase Her. We are not talking about some random acts of courtesy here. Any lady would easily smile to make you feel comfortable talking to them or to show you some respect. But when you discover that from your appearance at a distance, she is already loosened up each time you both meet, guy, just wake up. It is one of the signs of approval. A sign she is telling you your advances are welcomed. If you aren’t her type, your first and perhaps, last chance of seeing her white teeth would be the first day you both met. She would just want to let you know she isn’t interested and one way to do that is to be frank anytime you both meet. Where many conservative men get things wrong is to assume women are just being kind with their very generous smiles. It is not true. A woman who has no affection for you has no business being “kind” to you always. She is only signalling that you should put in more effort, perhaps to maintain her dignity.

Finding a Way To Always Stay Close By Is One Of The Signs. So, you keep finding the two of you bumping into each other often and you think it is just mere coincidences? I beg to disagree. While coincidences are normal experiences of life, when it becomes rampant in this case with a particular lady, you can be sure it has gone beyond a mere coincidence. Women generally have a way of working things out, especially when it comes to their availability with a guy. They would like to provide the man they have feelings for with as many opportunities and platforms as possible for that guy to fully display his love for them. So, get the message right when you see her very often. Don’t let the way she looks or appears scare you away. She is always where you can notice her because she wants to make it possible for you to chase her. Truth be told, a woman would not mind changing her location if you are nauseating to her but making advances.

She Is Careful Not To Hurt Your Feelings. A girl who wants you to chase her, though she may appear uninterested at some points, will be careful not to piss you off. You may hear her apologising frequently for a perceived error and giving extensive explanations for some of her actions. Some of the things she’s trying hard to explain may not really be offensive to you but she knows why she’s doing that. She’s expecting further action from you and would not let her perceived naughtiness get in the way.

Looking Good To Attract You Is Another Sign. So, you once told her you loved a certain hairstyle and she’s been doing it lately? She’s by no means subscribing to it just because it’s the latest trend in town or because her friends recommended it. You are the target. She is trying to send a message that you should chase her. Of course, that would not be written on her face and she would definitely not tell you she did it because of you but as the man, you’ve got to decode the message. When a woman is careful about how she looks especially when in your presence, she’s seeing you as a prospect. Among other signs she may display, this is one of the most unmistakable.

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