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7 Important Lessons In Life Only Your Girlfriend Can Teach You

Below are 7 important lessons in life that only a girlfriend can teach you;

1. You get to know the real deal of mood swings. A woman in a terrible mood is a pure danger and you know how to save yourself from this. Mood swings are the tools of injecting “patience” in your veins.

2. Sometimes, a little hug is all you need to melt her down. You get to know that your time and presence matters to her the most.

3. You learn the importance of dates in your life. Her birthday, your first anniversary, valentines day become important events for you.

4. You become a good listener. Her sweet, cute wishes, her little, silly worries, her college drama, her office grilling schedule, her complex girly issues. You enjoy the feeling of being special to someone. If she says, she loves you, it means she loves you madly with all her heart. You become the man of her life..:). You get to know the importance of little things in life which might appears trivial to you, because for her even a simple good morning text counts. It shows that you care..:)

5. You get to know that one should never judge a book by its cover. You will get to witness her unexpected, altogether different phase which might surprise you. If she is simple, she will dress for you. If she is shy, she will flirt with you. If she hates cooking, she will learn to cook for you. She will explore herself for you, because for her, you are important.

6. She teaches you that you are not alone. Sometimes, you will feel abandoned, alone, unsure for yourself, and terrified. In those moments, you will feel the weight of your girlfriend besides you, keeping you comfortable, keeping your path well lit.

7. She teaches you to respect one’s individuality. She expects you to respect her choices, seek her suggestions for your important project, share your problems with her so that she could try her best to help you to get through them. She knows she might not be perfect for you but she wants you to accept her for the way she is. She teaches you that there is no such thing like a perfect partner. Flaws, individual opinions and varied perceptions are beautiful. Acceptance is important.

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