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Interesting Tips: 15 Things You Should Know Before Entering A Relationship

If you want your love life to be good in your 20s, listen to the wise advice of 30 year olds who have learned from their own experiences. In the thirties a man becomes smarter and wiser in all aspects of life, and especially in love. We bring you 15 wise thoughts that will help 20 year olds not to suffer too much in love relationships.

1. You deserve to be treated as a human being by your partner.

2. Your needs are as important as his or hers. If you do not express them clearly because you are afraid that you will scare the other side, you are putting yourself in a repressed position. No normal relationship starts with a call for sex at one in the night.

3. A suit does not make a man and, no matter how polite a person may seem, behavior towards you is what counts. If it’s not the way it should be, go.

4. You cannot force chemical compatibility. If there is no chemistry at the beginning - it certainly will not be later. Don't waste time.

5. Slowly with alcohol. What seems like fun under the influence of alcohol, in a sober state can be very tiring.

6. No normal relationship starts with a call for sex at one in the night.

7. Remember that men love fun and interesting women. Find hobbies that make you happy because it is your life.

8. If you give too much to someone who does not reciprocate, you are wasting time. Things will never change.

9. Slowly with expectations at the beginning of the relationship. It is best to let things develop slowly without too much thinking and analysis.

10. Women will never fully understand men, nor will men understand women. That is a fact that must be accepted.

11.Sometimes flirting means just flirting and one should not expect marriage and children after the first five smiles and a little flattery.

12. If your partner is reluctant to give you compliments for any reason (for example, not to think), know that this is a person who has certain mental problems.

13. It's perfectly okay to say no. It’s especially important to say ‘no’ in the early stages of a relationship when it comes to things your whole body screams ‘no’ to.

14. If you are not sure if you like the person who caught your eye, the answer is most likely, no.

15. Too much availability at the beginning of a relationship is not good and is perceived as despair and too much need for attention.

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