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4 Signs That Shows You Are Forcing A Relationship That Will Never Work

There are some indicators you'll see in your relationship that indicate you're just forcing it to work, and it'll never work. If you find these few signs in your relationship, just know you're forcing it, and it'll be difficult to make it work.

1. You spend a lot of time defending your relationship to friends who are worried about it.

When you start having troubles in your relationship, you should confide in a couple of your closest friends and tell them what's going on, because most of them have seen more of life than we have, so be open to their counsel. But if you're aware that your relationship isn't going as expected and you end up covering everything up, know that such a relationship can't work since you're forcing it.

2. You make excuses for why your partner does not return your calls.

Maybe you're out with your friends and don't have enough airtime on your phone, so you text your girlfriend to call you back, but you don't get a response, and when your friends ask why she didn't call you back, you always try to make excuses. This shows that she doesn't love you, and a relationship can't work without love.

3. Do you believe you're making a mistake?

As a male, you do all in your ability to make your girlfriend happy, but you begin to believe you're doing something wrong when she isn't happy or even appreciates what you've done. Just realize that the relationship can't work between the two of you, and that you're merely attempting to force it to work. You can't force a relationship to work; it has to come from the heart.

I'm sure you took something away from this article.

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