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Husband and wife relationship

How to win your husband's heart forever

1.Respect him

No one would love a disrespectful and rude fellow so respect your husband and he will love you till eternity

2.Show him care and compassion

The purpose of marriage is to be there for one another,show your husband care and compassion at all time and he won't think of anyone else except you especially when he is in a sorrowful situations

3.Protect his property

Take proper care of his properties and watch over them gingerly and your husband will respect you more

4. Don't bad-mouth him when he is not around

Your husband is not a perfect being but then you can do well to make him aware of his mistakes and imperfections instead of talking ills of him behind his back

5.Be a Responsible independent woman

Be a woman with goals,passion and drives,the one who can handle situations herself and can control things around her.such a woman would always be loved by her husband

6.Dress to impress him

Don't wear beautiful clothes only when going for a function or to office,your husband is the one who need them most,No husband will dislike a wife who dress mainly to impress him at home

7.Cook good foods

If you can't cook well,just go and learn it .filling his stomach with healthy food is one of the ways to his heart

8.Trust and make him your life partner

Ask for his opinions during trying circumstances,trust his views and approach to things then watch the way he would head over heels over you

9.Respect his family and visit them once in a while

Don't be too close so they won't end up disrespecting you in return.if your husband is aware of how much you respect his family ,he won't stop thinking about you as he would be happy he made the right choice

10 .Be a prayerful wife

A loving woman is the one who goes her kneel and pray for her husband,ask God for whatever she wanted to work out well in her marriage.

11.Don't deny him of sex

Give him all styles available and ensure his satisfaction,forget about the rest you've won his heart already

12.Tell him how much you love him everyday

Let him feel your love for him is bubbling in you everyday and he will reciprocate by loving you more

13.Surprise him with gifts

Surprise him with gifts,flowers on his birthday,special occasions and even on a normal day,All these will only make him love you more

Have you tried all these tips?

There's no how you won't be in your husband's heart with all these if you have

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