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My Boyfriend Got A JHS Student Pregnant And Blamed Me For Denying Him S£x For 2 Years

Please, is this how life is ungrateful after you give your all to someone you cherish and later get dumped by him. I'm saying this out of emotional pains that all guys are the same.

As a young and vibrant lady, friends use to call me Christy and I'm here to share my personal story with you. I have this guy who we were very close. I did everything for him but later got the big blow of my life. My mum has a big shop in Madina and here comes this guy. Though he was cute and comes from a poor background, I gave him my needed support to make life better for him. I normally gave him money for books, fees and personal materials without any intention of taking it back. Indeed, I had no bad intention to have something in return.

Due to my kind gesture towards him, he proposed love to me and I declined since I've never dated before. It was a normal to introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to the family before any relationship could start. With a little pressure from him, I finally gave in to be his girlfriend. That even intensify the way I fed him. My mum gave him monthly allowances while he was still in school and I was very cool with it since he had no support.

He completed University and told me he wants to have a travel experience so I should get him some money for that. That was a huge money he was requesting. I also don't want him to leave me alone. I was deeply in love with him. He started showing me attitude and my mum stopped him monthly allowance the day he wrote his last paper. My guy blamed me for telling my to stop giving him the money since he wasn't employed.

He tried to convince me to take money from the shop so he could use but I declined to that. Not long after, the posting came out and he was posted to a junior high school in the Eastern region. He has stopped calling and talks evil about me and my family. The worst part is, he got a student pregnant. I'm really in deep pain dear. I just can't stop crying any time I think of him.

All guys are the same, though I'm dating I have no love for the guy because of what went on in my past relationship. Please I'm I overreacting or my guys ungrateful. Email [email protected] for any suggestions

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