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Will Frema sustain the relationship or Cause Ima to 'cry' for the second time? [DATE RUSH]

Life is all about choices and everybody's choice must be respected no matter how it is. The issue of love is another thing that can't be imposed or forced on anybody. The criterion of choosing a life partner or a loved one depends on the person who is making the choice. Some go for looks, others also go beyond that. And even with the looks, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

When Noella entered the stage, she already spotted the person she likes amongst the ten guys. If Noella was go for looks and external beauty, there is no way she wouldn't have gone for Ima because he is really handsome. But this was different thing altogether as Noella was insisting it is Blessing she wants other than that she will leave the stage dateless. She really meant what she was saying to the extent that she went and off Ima's Rush meanwhile Ima was into her very much.

Things didn't go on well on the side of Ima with Noella but there was sunshine after the rain. Frema came to brighten his day by putting a smile on her face after the heartbreak. Many social media users think Frema will not send Ima anywhere which will end in tears again. Will Frema put her critics wrong by maintaining Ima or it will be something else? The end will surely justify the means but we hope everything goes on well for them.

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