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Date Rush: A lady who really wants love can never do this; It's out of contest (Opinion)

Everybody deserves love, as the theme of date rush goes. Yesterday's edition was full of drama and fun. Kingsley Kesse came to the stage with a different style altogether which arose the ladies. They became attached and were much into him because of his stylish entry.

Kingsley woow the ladies during his entry and presented them with rose flower each. The sweet scented flower he gave to them made them happy as he became the ladies choice. But as the rules of the game goes, you are permitted to choose only one lady home at the end of the day.

Richard then settled on Ellen because he saw her to be the one he likes. The decision of Kingsley didn't go down well Bella and Cindy because he switched their rush off. Bella who was disappointed and heartbroken returned threw the flower away. Giovanni was surprised of her actions so he decided to ask why. Bella then picked the flower from the floor and then returned it back to Kingsley.

Cindy also followed the suit and gave the flower back to Kingsley. It is really surprising that a lady who is seriously looking for love should do that. In actual sense, it is not good to return a gift that was given wholeheartedly. It is not courteous to return a gift. She might be heartbroken or disappointed but giving back the nice scented rose he gave to her was a big no. Kingsley said everybody deserves love so he thought it wise to give the flowers to all of them despite the fact that he is entitled to take only one.

What is your take about the actions of Bella and Cindy?

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