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“My Mother Always Shows Me Her Breast. She Wants To Have Sex With Me.” 18-Years-Old Boy Reveals…

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It is very amazing how the bond and love between a mother and a son is completely different from the love and bond between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Though, some countries and cultures encourage incest, our part of the world (Africa) see it to be an abominable act.

An 18-year-old boy identified as Prince but popularly known as “Too Sweet” among his friends, has made a confession online about his mother which has left people in awe.

According to Prince, he never knew his father, and whenever he asks about his mother’s family members, she finds an excuse and ignores him. His mother is the closest family he knows. Apparently, he is also the only child of his mother and

He explained that; the bond between his mother and himself is tight and very extreme. They both literally share everything between themselves. However, things suddenly changed after he completed his Senior High education (SHS) at Wesley Grammar Senior High School, Accra.

After completing SHS, Prince was now home and he spent most of the time with his mother. But the unexpected begun to happen. “My mom started to stare at me in a different way. I felt shy and a little intimidated every time she looked at me in that manner.” Prince further narrated that; his mom begun complimenting him about his looks and appearance and this flattered him.

One evening, his mom called him to come and help her in her room. When he got to the room, he saw his mother sitting on the bed and flaunting her breasts to entice him. “I quickly closed my eyes and got out of the room. We never spoke about the incident that day, but this has been continuing for a while and I don’t know what to do now. I think my mom wants to have sex with me” He lamented.

Prince is now in a quandary and he needs advice on what to do about the situation.

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