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3 Ways ladies test a guy before falling in love with him

There are certain ways ladies test a guy before falling in love with him. This is because she wants to see if you're pretending to be who you are not just win over. Women like it when you love and adore them for who they are. 

1. She might ignore your texts.

As a man, you should understand that a lady might just decide to take her time before replying her messages. Regardless of the situation. It is very important that as a man you shouldn't be quick to judge her or become angry. Instead, remain calm and don't say anything annoying to her. This is because she can be just testing you. Sometimes some ladies do this just to know how easily you get irritated. Although not all ladies do this. While some can be because they're busy at the moment.

2. She could pay you a surprise visit.

When a woman comes to visit you unaware as a man, you should not be in a hurry to judge her or condemn her. This is because most ladies do this intentionally just to see the real you at home. And she means no hurt, so when she pays a surprise visit to you, you are unaware. It is important to remain calm and be the gentleman she sees you as. Don't get angry just because she decides to pay you a surprise visit.

3. Pay attention to your interactions with others.

Women are good at paying attention to your interaction with others. You can tell her you cared when you only care for her alone without caring for others. Sometimes a lady can put a guy to a test before falling for him. You should always treat everyone around you right. Move with the right friends. Because a lady can pay attention to how you interact with others without you knowing.

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