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4 things that is a must to talk about before marriage

I really love today’s topic; marriage. So many of us, especially some ladies have been imagining the day they would get married since the day they were matured enough. Some see marriage as a prison if you marry the wrong person. The once lovely experience you two have with each other, just ends before you know it.

I have gathered 4 things couples have to settle before walking into the journey of marriage. Let’s have a look at them below;

1. The money:

This point is very important. How does your partner manage their money? Some of us might say that it’s none of their business. If you really see a future with this person and want to continue to be with then, you must know the source of their income and how well they invest it. Sometimes we are focused on the ends and not the means. At the end of the day, you would get a share of what’s coming to your partner financially, if care is not taken. 

2. The emotional characters:

How does your partner handle frustration or sadness? We mostly overlook this aspect. When trouble looms into the relationship, can you boldly say that you and your partner can be able to resolve this? Does your partner just give up and not fight or you both do whatever it takes to overcome the situation. Knowing how your partner deals with such situations is very important. Have you heard of a partner beating up their other partners? It didn’t start with the marriage stage. It started with the dating stage but didn’t pay any heed to it. Leaving your partner to face their own problems is not the right way to go. Be there and know how to settle the situation before it escalates.

3. Household duties:

Some say that this is a matter for women mostly, forgetting that a relationship is a partnership. It is different when the woman in question is okay with those duties, but there would come a time when her partner has to step in to help out. Would there be problems if your partner is undecided to help out? You must figure this out and even take turns if necessary.

4. Spiritual temperament:

We all know who we are per our religions. A partner might say that I am a Christian and your relationship is not based on God. Can both of you pray together and face God in times of worry and sadness? How would you rate the level of faith in God of your partner? Can you say your partner is involved with God and you both have a relationship with him? 

With all these, can you consider your relationship closer to marriage? Thank you for reading and scrolling. Kindly hit the follow button, feel free to air your views and share as well. 

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