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Self-Confidence: Check hot photos of the curvy model encouraging plus-size ladies to have confidence

One of the greatest enemy that an individual can create for him or herself is self-hatred. To hate who you are, have no confidence in yourself kills the soul and spirit faster than anything one can imagine of.

In today's article, I wish to introduce to you one confidence coach who is doing marvellously great to encourage all ladies especially plus-size ladies to have confidence and love themselves as they are, Meet Oyama Botha.

Oyama Botha, a 26-year-old South African plus-size model is a positivity influencer and confidence coach. She is a graduate of the University of Cape Town(UCT) with a Master's degree in Public Policy.

She is the plus-size model who often takes to social media storming her bravery pictures despite growing up in a body that was often sexualised by her society. Obama Botha speaking of her experience when was a teenager with such a body figure, she said "Growing up as a teenager I was often sexualised and I then grew up thinking that I shouldn't be sexy,".

Being confident and sexy in herself and the type of body she was blessed with was lost due to societal idealism of who a "sexy" person should be until recently when she saw how other plus-sized black women portrayed themselves on social media.

Today, Oyama Botha is the CEO of the "Yammie Hearts and Curves" clothing shop. A clothing shop that helps ladies especially plus-sized beauties to access the best clothes that suits all occasions and lighten up their confidence in their body. CEO Oyama as a gorgeous and plus-size queen flaunts nothing less than pictures that speak of the confidence she has in the type of body shape is blessed with and below are a couple of her hot ones

Self-confidence is all you need to do anything as far as life and living are concerned. Let not your society pull you down hiding in the shadows, come out and shine and they will praise you afterwards.

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