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The true meaning of bestie

A Bestie is a term for someone's best friend or close friend. and are characterized by trust and permanence irrespective of the number of times the meaning of friendship has been changed in your life.

This are usually in close contact and have shared experiences, such as attending the same school or sharing musical tastes. Relationships described as Bestie are common in high school and middle school and often decline when the parties go to college.

The term Bestie does not necessarily convey exclusivity depending on a person's individual interpretation or philosophy of the concept of a friend an individual may not have more than one Bestie simultaneously.But on the other hand also people refer bestie as others see this to be weird as they engage those activities also in it.Best friends forever is a phrase that describes a close friendship.

According to a survey in France, the Bestie friendship is a concept that occupies a certain place on social networks. This value is reassuring especially for the millennial generation that experiences a divorce frequently. It is a sign of social success and a balanced life.

A large survey of friendship in the UK in 2003 found that on average, people had nine close friends.In elementary and middle school, best friendships often last less than one full academic year.

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