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Divorce Affair

I Do, I Did And I Am Done As Female Doctor Celebrates Her Divorce In Style

 Marriage is something no one can predict because at the beginning everything seems good and rousing. But the end is what seems very what no one can predict as we have seen many marriages which ended up well and likewise the one which ends is nothing to write home about.

However, back to the main discussion as a picture of a female doctor was seen online throwing a party to celebrate her divorce. And this came as a surprise to many people because divorced is mostly not something to celebrate.

And based on the picture that was posted by a Facebook user named Rosaline Ebineng Louis online, the female doctor and her friends celebrate her divorce with a cake that was decorated with I did, I do, I am Done. And this shows that marriage is not something one can predict because she will also have celebrated her wedding but now she is celebrating her divorce in a good style.

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Done I Do


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