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Husband and wife relationship

I Will Give Ghc90000 Monthly To Any Man Who Will Be My Husband With This Reason - Lady Says

One of the wishes of every young lady out there, is to get married to the man who will Genuinely love her, notwithstanding what might be the difficulties that may surface in their Marriage. But the series of heartbreaks that some ladies has been subjected to, has made some decide to be financially stable and be able to take care of their man. Some have placed some conditions that a man will possess before he can able to marry her.

Note that the photo used in this article is a Fictional one

My name is Isabella, and i am a young Ghanaian Lady who is 35-year-old. Right now I live in my apartment all alone here in greater Accra Ghana. Before I moved in to live alone, I was once in a relationship with a young Guy, who promised to get married to him, once I stay faithful to him. But it later turned out that he was cheating on me behind my back, which later resulted in breakup. And ever since then, I have decided that before I will marry any man in my life again, my husband to be must be will to abide by some reasons, and I will make sure I pay him the sum of Ghc90000 monthly. And I have listed the criteria below.

1. My husband must be a self-desplined man who will be able to communicate and have his Policies, notwithstanding that I will be the one paying him and equally footing the bills.

2. He must be a Graduate of a prestigious Ghanaian University, who must be well spoken. He must be able to express himself in English fluently, and not speak blunder in Public.

3. He should be able to have a good Fashions l sense. At least when we go out together as couples in Public, or attend any event, people should look at him and admire his attire because I pay him well.

4. Under no circumstances shall he have female friends, except they are her "very close" relations like Sisters, cousins or Aunt. Why because I have gotten a stage in my life where I have trust issues.

5. I will like to get married to a man who will be able to take care of our children, be able to handle all household chores like laundry, cooking of meals and cleaning of the house and our compound.

6. The parents of my husband can visit us, but the fact still remains that the both of us are Married, so his parents cannot sleep over in our house. He can arrangements for them elsewhere, maybe lodge them both in a Hotel but not in my house.

7. The friends of my Husband are not allowed to visit him in our house. They are free to meet somewhere else, but not within our residence. And he cannot club with any reason.

8. He cannot sleep outside the house within Accra, but if eventually he went on an errand in a Far place, he can lodge in a Hotel.

The above mentioned reasons are what my future husband must keep for me to pay him that amount of money every month.

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