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Divorce Affair

Popular Lesbian Couple Announce Divorce After Years Of Dating (Photos)

 Trust is essential in a relationship, and when trust is broken, it has to be reclaimed. A lady took to her Twitter account to narrate what transpired between her and her so-called girlfriend. 

She said she loved her wholeheartedly, not knowing she was cheating on her and seeing another man behind her back, despite being in a relationship with her, pretending she loved her and she had no other person in her life except her.

 She wept so bitterly on Twitter. She said the girl she was loving thought she was everything to her because she took her as her everything, her life. The girl she entrusted with everything had betrayed her trust and deceived her.

 She was very shattered. She says she even rejected some of her friends and family because of her because she loved and chose to be with her. She went behind her back and cheated on her. She questioned what he did wrong if she was not pretty enough for her.

 The relationship between these two beautiful ladies has come to an end. She claims she's moving on and she's not looking back. She wishes her well in life. She says she's hurting. She tries to forgive her and let everything slide and move on with her life, but the pain she's going through is too much for her.

 She asked, "Was I not enough for you?" What did I do? Where did I go wrong? Why did you have to cheat on me?" She said she's been living with this pain for a while and she cannot bear it anymore. What do you have to tell this lady to get over this break of trust and betrayal?

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