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I Dated My Ex-boyfriend for 15 Years and He Never Slept With Me Until I Betrayed Him - Lady

I Dated My Ex-boyfriend for 15 Years and He Never Slept With Me Until I Betrayed Him - Lady


A lady while reminiscing over her ex-boyfriend revealed how much she missed him, irrespective of the fact that they aren't together any longer. The lady whose name is Opara Ruth Marvelous said she dated her ex-boyfriend for 15 years and he never asked her for sx, but rather showered him much love until she betrayed him.

Cheating on your partner is totally not cool. It's a betrayal of trust and usually results in the end of a relationship. 

Most breakups come with some form of regret: regret that it didn't work out, regret that it ended the way it did, and, if you were the one to do it, perhaps even regret that you broke up with your partner. 

Good guys never gone anywhere, they just exist everywhere.But, world is just dominated by bad guys. 

To be betrayed by a person you fully trust is probably the most heartbreaking thing anyone can experience. Recovering from it may take a while or may affect your future judgments in meeting new people. What makes it hurtful is the fact that our trust was violated by someone we never knew could do such a thing.

Even if she didn't tell him the sort of treason, it's as good as mine, even if you assume it was. Furthermore, if your former partner is a real success and you feel like things are still going well for you, swallow up your ego and ask him or her to forgive you so that you can continue with it.

Due to what they had broken up or moved through while the connection was ongoing, a lot of people, particularly ladies, would not want to go back to their former boyfriends, the reality remains that some of these women met good guys and regret their failure.

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Opara Ruth Marvelous


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