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Life Is Short: 10 Signs Which Prove You Are Wasting Your Time

This particular write-up lay emphasis on things we do which actually waste our time and bring suffering into our lives.

When you believe that six packs will bring you a good wife with good character and so you hit the gym day and night.

Check notifications in social websites every 10–20 minutes. If you check notifications on Facebook, Twitter, do texting in WhatsApp, comment and message in Quora every 10–20 minutes, it means that you are becoming addicted to social websites. Addiction always brings sufferings in our life.

Chasing opposite or same s€x randomly. Dating is not a bad thing. It helps to develop a close relationship. As human beings, we always try to find a better partner for us. But if you chase opposite sex/same sex by social and dating sites frequently instead of finding your passion or important works, you are wasting your life. Moreover, if students emphasize too much to impress opposite or same sex in real life instead of studying or planning about life, it always hampers their disciplined life as well as productivity.

Ignore the importance of study. If you don't study at all and think that“Every university drop out will be another Steve jobs”, then life will be really difficult for you within few years.

Making excuses all the time. You could fail an exam, get rejected by someone, lose an opportunity, make a mistake and so on. But you are always ready to defend your fault by thousands of lame excuses. You are not taking responsibility for your own fault. It is granted life will not take responsibility for you.

Involved in a shitty job. You are involved in a crappy job. In your job you may be familiar with these words such as enormous workload, no promotion, horrible boss, dirty office politics, job insecurity, poor salary and fringe benefits, no career progression, limited scope for learning new things etc. But you feel insecure, don't have courage to chase your passion and quit your job. Things are clear. You are wasting your life.

When major chunk of day goes by watching television. reading whatsapp forwards, browsing social media, socializing and planning on where to spend money next in terms of travel, shopping, movies, eating out etc

When you spend a lot of money on smoking, you can invest the money in something else.

Surfing porn websites repeatedly. S€x is a natural instinct. Moreover, it is an important aspect of any relationship. But if you access porn websites at every hour and download porn videos continuously, it clearly indicates that you are wasting your time and simultaneously your life.

Try to get rid of these bad signs of your life by determination and hard work. It’s not too late to set goals and chase your passion for a better life

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