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I Buy Everything for Him But He Always Abuses Me - Lady Seeks Advice on Facebook

I was a at home one day when a friend to my then girlfriend called and asked me to meet her up somewhere.... I followed the map and it lead me to one compound house I called immediately I got there and she directed me to a room. I thought twice and told her I can't enter the room, it was around 7pm. She was crying and begging me so I finally went in. It was one small room.

The room was so small that only two people can lay straight even with that, u're at risk because something can fall on you while you’re asleep.

She locked the door as soon as I entered and narrated all that has happened earlier.... She said and I quote "I have been with this boy since JHS, and because he doesn't have money, I support him in everything. Look around all the shoes, clothes and everything in this room, I bought them because I love him. Sometimes I send him my feeding money because before I eat I call to ask if he has eeaten I've been told by many people, that he's cheating but because I've never seen with my eyes I just trash it.

It's him I want, he can do whatever he wants outside.

He got me pregnant but I have to terminate it

because of my parent.

I visited him one Sunday and met him with a lady in this small room..... I confronted him and he beat the hell out of me.... You can have a look at the scar on my back.... I came the next day expecting him to apologise, instead he said he want to end the relationship^

Ah why?? I felt some sharp pain below my abdomen

I made it clear to him that I'm not breaking up with him.... even that I still send him money for upkeep bcus I love this boy.... I don't know why but I feel very bad whenever he lacks something

Today too I came to apologise but he wouldn't listen. He's just beating me any how but I'm not leaving I want him to kill me"

For a minute I was speechless bcus looking at the room and the pretty girl in front of me..... Oh no, The guy, with the said lover came back and met me in his room.... He was so gentle and innocent He asked me to talk to my friend. He wants her no more. But this girl refused. I noticed that the guy wanted to beat her but bcus I was around he couldn't and the girl too didn't want to live. Auntie we stood there till 1 am I know if I five he'll kill her and she too do not want to go....I have to force her to into a nar to a nnest house

I know if I live he'll kill her and she too do not want to go....I have to force her to into a car to a guest house near-by because it was late.

Even there she didn't sleep.

I did some investigation on the boy and found out that, his mom is a fetish priestess so I'm asking if it's a love spell he casted on her or what?

What the girl did that day wasn't normal.

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