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Beware: 16 Relationship Tips That You Should Never Listen To

An impartial third-person perspective can help you understand some things in your relationship, or it can lead you down the wrong path. Problems come from outside advice because they do not know your relationship better than you do. CyraxPen suggests that you never listen to these 16 love tips from anyone.

1. Lower your standards

There is nothing wrong with knowing what that quality is that is valuable to you and why. It is important to be with someone who embodies it.

2. You have to change for him or her.

It is important to get to know each other, but not to change your character just for the sake of your partner. This is wrong advice because if someone loves you, they will love you for who you are.

3. Never go to bed nervously

This is wrong advice. Not all things are resolved before bed, so going to bed nervously does not mean you are hurting your relationship. Maybe tomorrow will find you calmer, to discuss and solve your problem.

4. Fun does not last long

The person with whom you will share life, will be a man who will make your days more beautiful. Although that great love as in the beginning, fades with time, fun is always present. Fun is part of a healthy and happy relationship.

5. Talking about problems in the bedroom makes things worse

You should not focus on hurting your partner, just be honest in what you say. It does not matter where you discuss, it is important not to hurt each other during discussions.

6. The opposite attracts

It's just a myth. People are attracted to the like. This means that your partner should have qualities in common with you. suggests you not to waste time with people who have nothing in common with you.

7. Quarrels are unhealthy

This is also a wrong piece of advice. Quarrels do a lot of good in a relationship, if you are arguing right. Quarrels encourage conversation, where both partners feel safe.

8. Enough love

In a relationship it does not matter just the love you feel for each other. The idea that you swim in calm waters after finding the partner you love is wrong. Like any success in life, love requires effort and hard work.

9. Give him / her a lesson, silently

If you get upset with your partner and do not talk to him, thinking that you are teaching him a lesson, you are making a big mistake. Communication is the key to a successful relationship. It is important to talk, to shout if you feel it, but not to remain silent.

10. Be glamorous

Usually this advice is given to women, thinking that seduction is a strong weapon of theirs. Attracting your partner is not a bad idea, but always try to seduce him in your own way, not by imitating others.

11. Be strong, but not too much

Even this advice is usually given to women. Women are advised to be strong, but at the same time feminine, soft and sexy. It falls to you, that in a relationship, you embody another trait, taking care not to change traditional roles. The best way is to behave as if you feel it. In a relationship there will always be moments when you will be strong, and there will also be moments when you will be vulnerable. By being able to do both at once, you will be shown to be unauthentic.

12. The time has come to get married

We live in 2021, and people are still anxious about someone, that the man of life has not found, even though his age has passed. You may be in your 20s, but that does not mean you should get married. You just have to see your way and follow your intuition. If you have decided to get married at age 45, or not at all, it is your choice. Never follow the scenario of life and marriage, but follow what seems logical to you.

13. The relationship should be easy

This is one of the biggest lies they may have told you. The strength of a relationship is measurable by the time, effort and energy invested.

14. Jealousy shows that you will

This is not true. Jealousy leads the relationship to an abusive situation if you both do not try to prevent it.

15. No one would love you like he / she

This is absolutely a lie. If someone tells you this, think about how important it is and what role your partner plays in your life. This is a phrase used to keep an individual in an abusive relationship.

16. Be the boss yourself

In a healthy relationship, every partner has an area where he shines and logically they take the lead in that situation. If you want a strong and lasting relationship, you must have mutual support and understanding.

Content created and supplied by: CyraxPen (via Opera News )


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