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Is it Compulsory Give Your Girlfriend Money When You Start Dating - Ghanaian Men Express the Opinion

A gentleman out of curiousity and anger wanted to know why ladies have made it the norm to ask boys for money whenever they start dating. He asked this because the lady he started dating has began doing that.

According to him, the girlfriend just accepted his proposal and from there, the lady has been giving signs and symptoms that she wants money from him.

Read his story and questions below.

Hi Abena, trust you are doing fine. Please, I need some help on this issue. Is it compulsory or mandatory to give a lady money when u start dating them cos it's becoming a norm. I know some girls don't ask but majority of the ladies di33 they will ask you or show you signs and symptoms that they need money.

Please keep me anon. Have a lovely day.

When he asked this, many men showed their disgust towards this attitude some women show. Everyone said that it was not compulsory for a man to give his girlfriend money.

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