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"Single and free, any single guy around?" Lady asks Netizens

Never underestimate the power of beauty because beauty takes people places. The number of women who have been exalted just for the sake of their beautiful nature is overwhelming.

This article was made possible by the beauty of a certain Ghanaian lady. She posted just a single tweet and got the whole Twitter shaking. Do you know the secret spice to this power her tweet came with? It is just simple, she is too beautiful.

Looking at her picture above, there is no doubt she has been blessed with beauty and even in abundance. No wonder her name is Angel because she reminds me of the angels I have been seeing in movies.

Now, to what she did which caused a massive stir on Twitter yesterday. All was cool until this girl came online and decided to spill out a few words.

Below is what her tweet read,

"Single and free. Any single guy around? Tag them for me"

She posted it at 6:45 AM and the engagements she got on this single tweet was just overwhelming. Comments were coming from all corners and most of them were about how people admired her beauty and wanted to offer themselves as her new guy.

Most ladies were not cool about this tweet she brought out talking about the fact that she was too beautiful and that tweet of hers was only going to do bad to them. She was likely to shake their relationships since their guys could see her and decide to leave them.

Well, we cannot blame her for looking so beautiful.

Many guys also saw beyond the beauty. They raised questions as to why a guy will leave a nice guy like this. It seems something was not adding up in their analysis. What would make a guy choose a single life over moving out with this beautiful lady?

Upon their analysis, many concluded that maybe one has to be stable financially before moving out with such a beauty.

This got many guys exempting themselves from the possible slots of they getting to date this lady. They claim they do not have money.

Now to my single male readers over here, well the challenge has been set, are you in dire need of such a pulchritudinous lady? What if you are going to win her heart if you shoot your shot? What if she is meant to be your wife one day?

Content created and supplied by: the_Kelvin_guy (via Opera News )

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