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Men, marry wisdom, not beauty

Please and please, don't marry beauty, marry wisdom. Getting married to a beautiful woman without wisdom is like planting a vine on the roadside for everyone to feed on. It takes a woman of wisdom to tell others she is taken. It takes such a woman to know the difference between being single and being married.

A woman of wisdom knows who she is not and who she is. She knows how to say NO to anything that is not for her or will bring her a problem. She thinks before acting. She thinks of tomorrow. She is not impressed or bought over.

There are women who think beauty is everything and have no hunger for wisdom. They have a shallow mind, take childish decisions and act before they think. They don’t know how to draw the boundaries between being TAKEN and AVAILABLE. They are carried away by compliments; gifts and money impress them.

Such women see their beauty as the jackpot or a trademark for what they want. If their husband is not able to meet their needs and demands, they quickly look for alternative routes. To them, money is what makes them beautiful, yet they are not ready to work for money but sell their beauty for money.

With money, it is very easy to buy beauty or get a beautiful woman but not a woman of wisdom, for a woman of wisdom is too expensive to buy. She can't reduce herself to clear. No amount of money can buy her for she knows how to make money or work for her money.

Women of wisdom understand no one can eat beauty so she learns how to work. A woman of wisdom asks for nothing in her relationship but gives everything to make her relationship work. She is Priceless.

On the other hand, the woman of beauty goes into relationship to receive because she is good at doing nothing, she has nothing to offer. She demands and is full of drama. She is just Pointless.

A woman of beauty likes spending and partying; her local name is a club girl. It might interest you to know that, a club girl who is not interested in money is like a well which is not interested in water.

The men who believe every woman is money conscious are the men who chase women of beauty. Where you meet her speak volumes. How you get her should tell you how to keep her and how you will lose her. Don't spread money to get her and conclude all women are the same. That is the language of a boy.

For the men who have come across women with wisdom but you feel she wasn’t beautiful enough need to think about that again. It is easy to make ugly women full of wisdom beautiful, than to make the most beautiful woman without wisdom wise.

For the ladies full of wisdom yet a man turned you down because he thought you were not beautiful enough, I want you to know that in the eyes of the world, most of us will be called ugly, people will reject us because of how they see us. But in the eyes of God, we are all beautiful for He loves us and sees us as His image.

The man or woman who loves you is the one who knows or sees your true beauty. So don't be mad when someone calls you ugly. Don't get upset because someone rejected you, for such a person doesn’t love you.

In conclusion, "Homes are made by the wisdom of women, but are destroyed by foolishness" - Proverbs 14:1 (GNT).

Source: Counselor Adofoli

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