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3 Things That Destroys Your Sex Life You May Not Be Aware Of.

Sex is one of the most vulnerable things you can do in life. You’re sharing a very personal part of yourself. Not only are all of your best (and worst) physical traits on full display, but you are also revealing your deepest intimate secrets about what turns you on. Because of that, the best sex usually results from being comfortable with each other.

Think about this: Do you feel more at ease talking with your friends or a complete stranger?

Typically, you feel way more comfortable chatting with those you know best or those who accept you for who you are even after knowing the good and bad about you.

The acceptance you feel from good friends and family makes you feel safe to be yourself without fear of being judged. Because of that, you can open up in conversations better.

The same is true in a romantic relationship. The best sexual ‘interactions’ will happen when you’re comfortable with your partner and vice versa. When you can feel ‘safe’ together, sex drastically improves.

To keep a healthy intimate lifestyle, can be a little difficult for various reasons. People want to appreciate life to the fullest, this particular reason influences a person's decision. For instance, some people tend to get intimate with many people. This could as a result lead to urinary tract infection because of the many counterparts. Follow this article to figure out some of the many things that can drastically affect a person's intimate lifestyle.

1. Smoking

Smoking itself causes a lot of problems to ones health. It poses threat of heart disease and lung cancer, it could also lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Someone who continuously smokes, is probably going to generate heart problems. Which will eventually clear the risk of heart attacks.

2. Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Sometimes, some people want to drink liquor to ease their stress, to feel high and loose. Though excessive drinking will eventually affect an individual's health, as it could also lead to erectile dysfunction.

3. Depression

At the point when people feel sad, guilt, pressure or any emotional destress. The hormones are dulled, which affects an individual's performance. Depression isn't something that can't be investigated, therefore people feeling depressed should consult their doctors for guidance on the most proficient method to think about it.

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