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400,000 More Women In Ghana, Should Polygamous Marriages Be Encouraged?

The 2020 population census released some facts and figures which clearly shows that there are 400,000 more women in Ghana than men. 

If we should go by the “One man, one wife” indoctrinated by the Christian society from our colonial masters, meaning 400,000 women would be left on the streets with no man in their lives. 

Due to these provisional facts and figures, a poll I’ve conducted which includes both genders are suggesting what polygamy should be considered in our part of the world precisely, Ghana. Others too are saying it’s a No-No for them.

If I should add my voice or opinion to this, for me I think polygamous marriages should be encouraged in our homes. Not because I am male but I’m speaking from a different perspective (All other things being equal).

Well, in my nuclear family, the ratio of males to females is 2:9. Three out of the nine females are married. The remaining six of them are in their early 20s and late teens. I’d admit that not all of us will get married. Is marriage the ultimate goal in life??

Well, that’s a question left to you to answer. Moreover, we all know the significance of marriage in our Ghanaian society.

Should polygamous marriages be encouraged, it will reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the country. Eg; chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B etc.

By this, it will also put the government at ease since the cost of treatment, medicals and healthcare for these diseases will be low.

Another school of thought too might say encouraging polygamous marriages will increase crime rates out of jealousy among the two wives. The jealousy will come because the man can’t love both of them equally.

Abena from Koforidua also says;

If I want to marry two and my partner is okay with it why would you restrict me to one?? And they're people who are actually three in a relationship and they're okay with it. If I want to marry one then I'll marry one cause I love that person wholly but if not why restrict me?

Well there are more hundred billion reasons and public opinion on this issue.

But as a rationale human being, voided of your religion and gender, Do you think polygamy should be encouraged and legalized in our country?

The link below is a public poll on this issue. What’s your take on it?? Click on it and add your opinion.

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