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"Handle Your Fear Of Rejection" - 3 Ways To Handle Your Fears Of Rejection

Handling your fear of rejection is one thing most guys find it very difficult to do. They get heartbroken immediately the women they are crushing on rejects them. In this era, some go to the extent of drinking concoctions to die to prevent them from this emotional embarrassment been meted out to them. Many women who see at the supermarket, mall, restaurants, gym and yoga centers are really in search of love then you can even imagine.

The problem is, they can't approach you since they would be seen a "cheap". Meaning, you have to do the work of taking a step futher by approaching. It was so funny that I used to afraid of talking to girls claiming my vision was blur. For some years, I wasn't able to associate myself with girls and win them over until I learnt the insane tricks one would use to compel a woman to suit. Here are some smart techniques to be able to handle and eliminate your fear.

1. Have No Expectations

Having no expectations after a job done is one thing you can do to eliminate your fears of rejection. Women have their taste of preference as to what type of guy they want to date, the rich or poor, fat or slim etc. When you trying to get her flirting with you, be social and friendly. Don't expect something in return because you might get disappointed.

2. Chat With More Women

I've also used this trick successfully and it has helped me. Fear is just an imagination, it is not real. Chat with more women without expecting something serious from them See yourself as the prize and not them. That is how you would be able to eliminate the fear. Remember, every rejection you get helps to make your "cv" very attractive and would help you better yourself at winning the game of love.

3. Identify Your Thoughts And Eliminate Them

It is always said that, the only way to overcome your fear is to do what you fear. That is how you succeed in been a perfect playboy. Identify you fear and work on it. If you approach, try and try again until you succeed. If you allow the companion of fear to control your life, you would be put in a straight jacket. Then total control of your life and don't let your fears intimidate you again.

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