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How To Introduce Your Man To Your Children

Life is in so many folds and levels and every individual woman in this wise has a different destiny.

Some women do have children out of wedlock or from divorced marriage. Most of these women live with their children until they meet a man they fall in love with.

Then at a point either the man visit or they visit the man but the funny part of it is they are not able to tell their children who they are to each other.

Most women feel their children should know who their boyfriend or fiancee is but they aren't sure whether the man will take the relationship to marriage level or not.

And they wouldn't like to give their child or children emotional stress incase the guy disappear or break up with them.

Their fear of what to tell their children should they ask her of why the man is no more paying her visit.

But come what may your child or children must know the man in your life when dating. But the right time to do so is very important.

Lets check below for steps to follow to introduce your man to your children

1. Duration of Relationship

You should think of introducing you man to your child or children when the relationship is at least 10 months to 1 year.

By then you may have at least know who he is and the level of your relationship.

 The last thing you want to do is to introduce a man that is not your a real fiance or not in a serious relationship with, does not have serious plans for you, and you are just casually dating to your kids.

The first thing you need to know is if an established relationship is between the two of you.

At least it should be where the guy's family are aware of your relationship and vice versa. This at least makes you sure of the love relationship between you both.

 2. Be Really sure that he want to stay

The last you have to be careful is having guys coming and going out of your life and always doing introduction to your children.

It will make your children think otherwise for you. You must do all your checking to know if he is in for permanent relationship or passing through.

If you are not sure of the guys commitment, then don't introduce him at all to your kids.

Before doing that too, check these out:

Does the man have the plans of getting married sooner or later or not at all?

Is he in for long dating or for marriage.

3. Try to know his temperament and correspond with yours.

The final thing I want to talk about is you checking his temperament and compare with yours to know if you can link up well.

After checking all these and you are fully convinced with his intentions, then you can go on with your introduction.

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