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Men, Ladies Appreciate The following In You, So Try To Maintain These Attributes

Women also find men attractive, such as men find women attractive, when it comes to what a woman wants in a man or what she finds attractive in a man might be different from other women. As a man, if you have some of these qualities in you, there are high chances women will find you attractive. Some men find it hard to attract a woman, but don't worry, you are now in the right place, just follow up. 


Women like men who are very confident in the things they do. Some women prefer confident men, men that can express their self anywhere and anytime. Such qualities are needed in a man, and it attracts some categories of women who love men that can speak up and be confident in things they do. 

Height And Looks. 

Research shows most girls prefer taller guys. Women are attracted to guys who are taller than them, but that's a woman's opinion because different women want different things. That won't stop the fact most women prefer taller guys. 

The next thing women find attractive in men is good-looking men who try to look good, smell nice and put on a good outfit. Researchers believe women like taller and more masculine-looking men because this gives them a feeling of being protected. Looks matter a lot when it comes to attracting a woman. 

Good Sense Of Humor. 

Women get attracted to men who have a good sense of humour. Women don't joke with men who are intellectual and social intelligence, they find them more attractive 

Honest men.

Women like honest men. They find them more attractive because they find honest men trustworthy, a man that high sees is his yes. If you have a habit of dishonesty, most women will run away from you after getting to know you better. 

Men Who Are A Good Listener. 

Women always want to be listened to when they talk or start a conversation, so if you are a man that is a good listener, most women will find you attractive. Women are more attractive to people who listen to them, someone they can share ideas with, conversations, someone they can talk to, they find such men attractive. 

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