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Beautiful SHS Couples Flexing In Uniforms During WASSCE Season That Will Make You Miss School

The kind of friends we keep has a very great impact on the kind of results we attain after taking a test in school. Our examination outcomes are always a reflection of the type of people we associate ourselves with while in school. Your friends have an impact on how you spend your time in high school. And the thing about high school is that, how you spend your time in there is what will reflect in your final examinations.

In high school, most of us seem to care less about the type of friends we associate ourselves with. You need to understand that, if you walk in a group of five and the remaining four members of your group are bookworms, definitely you will become the fifth bookworm. Likewise if you are smart and you begin to walk with a group of students who put their books last, you will adapt to that same lifestyle and begin ignoring your books.

One type of friendship that actually worries a lot of high school kids is that with the opposite sex. It is either you are tagged as boyfriend and girlfriend or best friends. Whichever way, if you are not careful, you might lose focus and derail from track. This is also the kind of relationship that is most fun as it teaches you a lot about the opposite sex and how to interact with them.

Check out these photos of some high school students who could be best friends or couples flexing in their school uniforms that will make you miss your school days.

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