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Tips On How Not To Waste A Lady's Time.

1. Do not be rushing to ask her for a Relationship. Start with Friendship.

During friendship, where there is no commitment whatsoever, where you can change your mind without anybody feeling cheated, find out basic things like her genotype, her Family background, your denominational differences, her life's aspirations, character etc

Don't date someone, so you can study them.

Rather, Study them to know if you can date them.

This way, if you don't like what you see, you can easily walk away without having taken even one week of her life.

2. Check First, and be sure that You Can (by virtue of Your Capacity, Her Character, and the Compatibility between you two) and that YOU WILL (by virtue of a Conviction) marry her Before you ask Her out for a Relationship.

Never date someone (maybe because of pity or boredom) that You are sure you can not or will not marry.

And never date someone you're not sure or convinced you can/will marry, the Relationship is not a gamble.

Start as friends, Observe, analyze your emotions towards her, Pray, Wait, but until you are certain, don't ask her out.

Many ladies have been in a Relationship for 5 years and counting, the brother is still waiting to “hear from God”.

Is God a mute?

Whereas the lady is now 34, and she's turning suitors down every day, and brother hasn't “heard from God” oh, then tomorrow he will now hear from God and break up with her because God didn't approve, and now goal marry a 24-year-old lady.

Brothers, Hear First. Be Sure First.

Don't start relationships and now start looking for convictions later.

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