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Before you say I Do, check this things out.

Marriage is a journey embarked by two people for the rest of their lives. It is a journey of no return when the only things that does you guys apart is death. If so be the case, one has to me meticulous in choosing a life partner.

When you choose a partner, you have to choose one you can accommodate his or her flaws for the rest of your lives. It is therefore a serious matter when people do trial and error when choosing their life partners, when choosing a spouse, the physical attraction doesn't really matter as the spiritual and mental state matters.

What this means is that you have to put into consideration, the spiritual and mental before the physical, so before you choose a woman with big buttocks make sure you guys are compatible in both your spiritual and mental state.

So before you say Yes I Do, you must consider these things;

1. The Spirituality of the person

2. Mental State of the person

3. Physical attraction and appearance

4. Financial Status.

I will be explaining these things in another episode, so that forget to follow, like and comment.

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