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Elizato-Once your partner finds your replacement every conversation turns into an argument.

Elizato has advised and given his followers some clues about relationships. He said, "Once your partner finds your replacement every conversation turns into an argument".This saying is making people love him because lovers have realized why their partners make them argue a lot. Elizato continues by saying even if the conversation is about love still the person who is fed up with you will let your conversation turns into an argument. This statement or quote of his has made people understand why he is considered to be one of the greatest philosophers in Ghana. Elizato is blessed with wisdom his sayings or quotes are funny but it is full of wisdom.

A lot of comments and suggestions have been made by people on this saying by Elizato. People believe what he said is 100percent right because sometimes your relationship can end up with just a small argument. The moment you see a small change in the attitude of your partner then you have to know that he is rather fed up with you or he has finds your replacement. Sometimes you will think the problem is from you but is not that your partner doesn't want to be with you anymore. The best thing for him or her to do is to find some way to end the relationship.

It hurts to see that your partner is fed up with you or has gotten your replacement because you didn't think that your love will end that way but always remember everything happens for a reason. A lot of people have been seeing this behavior in the relationship they are in and their partner has been arguing with them a lot and they will be wondering why their partner is behaving like this towards them. Elizato has made it clear now that once your partner finds your replacement every conversation you will do will turn into an argument.

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