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Wedding dress

They sent me out because I wore this dress - Lady laments about the cold reception given to her

There are some clothes you will buy and find it appropriate to wear, forgetting that it depicts a bad moral. I've seen cases where some ladies wore exposing clothes to wedding occasions and I wondered their main aim.

Indecent dressing is now rampant and the funny part is, it's dominating the main culture we are known for. It's actually funny but serious because what will other people think of us?

So this lady complained bitterly on the cold reception she received when she went to a restaurant. According to her, she was asked to leave because of the dress she was putting on. "They sent me out because I wore this dress", she said.

Take a look at the photo below:

You can see that the dress revealed a lot and probably that was why she was sent away. Read some reactions from Netizens below:

You can see that some people supported her dressing, while some were totally against it. Now my dear readers in your own opinion, what do you think about the dress?

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