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Meet the beautiful woman who got both breast removed permanently. Check out what happened.

Breast is one of the vital organs on a female as it has several functions compared to that of the males. Despite it's primary function of breast feeding babies, it also performs a sexual function by enhancing arousal. However one disease which has invariably been a threat to the health of the breast is breast cancer which can be experienced by both the males and Females, but quite prevalent in females.

Breast cancer exists in various degrees ranging from mild to profound. Every stage exhibits peculiar symptoms, however lump in breast, Changes in size and appearance of the breast and changes in the colour over the breast includes some if the general symptoms of breast cancer. One of the mild stages of breast cancer is the stage O breast cancer, where cancer hasn't spread yet but remains at the point it started growing. It is also called he noninvasive cancer which can be treated before it spreads within the breast.

However the more serious types of breast cancer, thus from Stage 1-4, are the invasive types where cancer cells have spread within the breast. In this situation, one of the best treatment to mitigate the impact of the disease is a surgery called Mastectomy. Mastectomy is the removal of the entire breast by a surgeon. Just like the woman pictured below, she had to undergo a mastectomy after suffering a breast cancer. In her case both breast were entirely removed during the treatment.

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