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Husband and wife relationship

Love Don't Judge: Check Out The Woman Who Natural Love Her Disabled Husband Despite His Condition

A few people may argue as to whether true love exists or not. Indeed, it does exist.

True love judges not, survives on no condition and obviously is infinite.

John is a man who was born very fit as anyone of us. All he wished for at the age of 20 was to build a house for himself and then finally get married to the woman of his dream.

An interview by Afrimax with John's family revealed that, he fell from the top of a building he was constructing about 30meters away from ground level, that there was no hope of him surviving.

Fortunately and unfortunately for him, he woke up but the doctor's broke the hard truth of him being unable to walk the rest of his life since most of his bones got broken as a result of the accident.

It was at the very beginning difficult for him to move from place to place until 3months after his persistence he devised the way to move.

He found the lady who is now his wife with whom they have 3 children after he was faced with the tragic event.

At the beginning, he thought he would loose his wife to some other man because of his state but he presently trust he has her all to himself.

The woman also said she wouldn't give up on him because of his disability considering the fact that John was a very caring and good man.

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