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Must Watch: My Daughter Has Been Living In A Reverse Life For 30 Years | Woman Tells Her Sad Story.

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Maria In reserve position

Eventually, no one can explain what life is all about because life hits everyone differently. For one to appreciate that life is good, it takes the person's experience of how life has been treating him or her well. For life to be defined as catastrophic and enemy of all time, it takes the stress and agony of unending suffering an innocent person is going through. This article is about the story of a girl called Maria who has been living her life in a reserved way for about 30 years.

Maria's mother Ansilla tells her daughter's story; my daughter Maria is suffering from a disease that makes her body behaves or react in a weird way. I completely have no idea where all this came from, and I can sit down and cry all day for having a daughter who used to be normal and now like this. My daughter cannot completely control her body at all especially her left hand and leg that she uses to crawl on the ground weirdly because that is the only way she can ever manage to move.

People hardly believe that my daughter is 30 years old, except the ones in this village that know her from the time she was born until today. We live alone because of the social problems my family is going through.

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It all started many years ago when I fell in love with a man. Later, we agreed to live together as husband and wife, and spend the rest of our lives together. We wanted a normal life with children just like any successful couple does. We gave birth to two children who were all girls and Maria was the Oldest. Everything was going as normal just like any other family and none showed any sign of sickness. Now, my second born is married and has two children but Maria's condition has ruined her life. Her future has been shutted and now a burden to society.

Maria was a normal child who did everything that a normal person does. She went to school just like any other person and walked and talked just like any other person. She completed first and second grade, and things started changing after the second grade. A lot happened in my daughter's life. As we were all not expecting it, I lost my husband. This became a very big blow to us since the person we have loved all this while passed on unexpectedly, but we had to stand strong and move on with life because it was not something we could change or do anything about.

Whilst we were still learning how to live our life without a husband and father, something happened to Maria. On one Monday afternoon, my daughter was playing outside with other children.

After a while, she came back to me saying she was very tired and wanted to rest. She went inside and had a nap which took quite some time and this was the last time that I ever saw my daughter being normal. She slept for a very long time so I got curious and went inside to check on her. As soon as I got inside and landed my eyes on my daughter, her appearance changed and had started living in the weird way. I noticed that her neck might be broken. I could not take it. I screamed as loud as I could and called for help. A lot of the villagers gathered around my house to see what had happened only to find my daughter lying down and could not do anything.

When I first went to the room, my daughter had urinated and defecated on herself. Which means she was awake for a long time but was under an attack and could not stand it. Up till now, she has still not been able to say a single world. I also cannot tell what really happened to her whilst she was in the room. Later, I was told that if I had no words to explain what happened to my daughter, it was obvious that it was witchcraft, but I gave them a deaf ear and because of my financial difficulty, I could not take my daughter to the hospital.

I invited prayer warriors into my house to pray for Maria but nothing happened to her. A herbalist also came with some herbs and there was improvement in Maria's condition, but it lasted for a while. Ever since then, my daughter has not stood at all. Obviously, Maria dropped out of school, and she stays home all day. Mostly, a lot of people in the village who pass by keep abusing and bullying her thinking that she cannot understand every word that they say.

Maria hardly speaks, and it requires a lot of experience to communicate with her. As a mother and a single parent, I go and dig on people's farm for money. Anytime, I am off to work, I leave Maria home alone, and my biggest fear is, what if something bad happens to her whiles I am away? I also cry any time I think about her and how the future is going to be for her.

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