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Her enjoyment in bed would be bad if she hates these

Intimacy would never be enjoyed if your partner isn’t having the same satisfaction as you. Some might be selfish and not care but what is the probability that you both would ever have such intimacy again? Just because you like something doesn’t mean she also has to.

In this article, I have listed some few things she hates while being intimate.

-She hates it when you don’t listen to her:

Communication is key in this situation; before and also after the intimacy. You must understand her and pay attention as well. You might think you are performing an excellent job but at the end of the day, satisfaction to the highest level has not been achieved. It is very nice and an interesting experience, when you listen to her and go according to the pace she wants. After the intimacy, talk to her. Ask her if everything is okay or better still, prepare a warm bath or some snacks because being in that situation does take a lot of energy. 

-When you spend little time on foreplay:

Get to understand her body and know what she wants. Don’t focus on what you want only. Having intimacy is a 50-50 affair and she must not be left out. That’s when you realize you would be applying much pressure just to be inside her. Give it time and relax, don’t be in a rush to get the action done. 

-When you make her self-conscious:

Even before you both start the act, you begin to question her about why some parts of her body are so big. She is very much aware of how she looks. The last thing she wants is for you to question her about it. That’s a very big no over here and must not be said, even as a joke. 

-When you are too quiet:

It makes her feel as though, you aren’t enjoying the intimacy between you both. Who doesn’t love it when their men also make noise as well? It boosts their libido higher than expected because they are happy you are so in the mood. 

All the best to you out there and if you find yourself in this situation, kindly put a stop to that. Make the intimacy an amusing and unforgettable experience for you both. 

Thank you for reading.

Image credit to: Ask men

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