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Wedding planning scene

Awkward wedding photoshoot fails you will ever see

Weddings are celebrations held in order to publicize the marriage of two or more people. I used the term "more" because it has been established that some people have married two or more people in the same place and at the same time before.

Weddings are exceptional in a person's life as it creates memories which will be cherished forever. It symbolises love and a sign of partnership which will stay between the love birds.

The core point of this article is about photoshoot fails which happened in weddings. You wouldn't expect them to happen but they did happen. These are them

1. This is going to hurt.

2. Look at the expression on their faces. I feel bad for him.

3. Is it by force?

4. When the wind betrays you

5. Don't think too much, she's just sitting on a horse

6. What's happening here?

7. Once again, the wind betrayed another beautiful bride

8. If only time could be reversed

9. Oh no, she was betrayed

10. And then, this dude added a different touch to the picture

11. What are they doing over there? This is funny

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