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Lady, 5 things you can do to get him hooked up in the relationship

From the beginning of time, women were regarded as property and their only purpose in life was to please their husbands. Although most of them have changed over the years, there is no denying that it is still important to keep your husband happy in the relationship because when he is happy, you will be happy too.

Here are 5 things you can do to keep him hooked up to you as long as you want:

1. Don't Be Demanding

Sure, men like to feel needed in a relationship, but they don't want their wives to suffer too much. Nobody likes it. You go out looking stupid as you can't live a normal life without a boy - and then you guess what, you can totally - and you just think you're crazy. On the first day, it’s best to be yourself and just relax. Don't give those eyes that look like you're in love. You don't even know him. She doesn't want to think that she is in love with this kind of guy every guy she meets. So talk about what you love to do alone. What hobby you are interested in, what volunteer work is important to you. Show her that you have a healthy lifestyle right now without her, and if she were in your health, she would only be a bonus. A nice bonus, but just a bonus.

2. Give Him Enough Appreciation

You both have a bad start at the beginning. The first day can be very stressful. But you need not feel powerless or doomed to defeat. Instead, break the ice with a good compliment. Even the smallest compliment can brighten a person's day, so why not make it your day? Tell her that you look good, or that you like the watch she is wearing. Anything you can take away from the emotional stress you feel in the room. But be honest with yourself. Don’t just recommend something random that you don’t care about like her ugly sneakers look like she’s been wearing them since grade 5. Be open, honest, and express your thoughts in a fun, honest way. Once you have complimented him, you will find that he feels more confident and happy, which leads to a better conversation without both faces to face, and you are afraid to look him in the eye.

3. Giving Him A Vibe Is Not The Only Boy You Can Go Out With

Sure, you have a good time and you love this guy. However, do not let him know that he is the only one who is interested in sharing with you. No, you don't have to talk about your active social calendar full of Tinder days, but you want to meet confidence and stay busy. He wants her to think that another boy can stay in his place right now, but the fact that he is the one who makes everything better. You want to know that as she is so amazing, she is lucky to be on this day with you. He doesn't even want to think that you are very needy and need to be here with him now because without him you have no one. Yuck. That doesn't appeal to you at all. So make her think you're Miss Popular - which is duh, you - and she'll be thinking about you a lot after the first date - maybe skipping the opportunity to plan another date soon.

4. Don't give him all that he wants.

The hookup wants sex. This is all the reason why communication exists. Of course, this does not mean that you have to decide everything, but you do not have to give them what they want when they ask for it. It's your body; you are in control. They can catch 'no. '

5. unexpectedly give him enough pleasure

When he doesn’t expect it, jump on him, actually, that. Men like to surprise by having sex. Whether you turn to his office at mealtime to offer him a job as a waiter or to greet him with a blank slate but your favourite tie, cheer him up whenever he gets a chance.

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