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I Got Drunk, He Took Me To His House, He Removed My Clothes And Bath Me But He Never Touched Me-Lady

We want respect in our personal lives and in our professional lives as well. We want to be appreciated for the work, good deeds we do and to get proper recognition for our contributions no matter how little it may seem. There are little things we do for others that will live forever in their heads. 

A young girl took to her Twitter account to narrated how a man she met at the club took good care of her after she had excessive alcohol drinks and passed out. She tells her story. She said she went to a club where she had an island drink and passed out.

 A man she met at the club took good care of her after he took her to his home. 

She said when they got to his apartment, he unclothed her, bathed her and laid her on the bed. When she woke up in the morning, she was amazed because he didn't touch her despite sleeping on the same bed.

 She says she will forever respect this man, She was astonished. She said she never knew all men were not the same. 

She said now I believe all men are not the same. There are still good men out there. As a man, can you do this? Take good care of her and nothing will happen. Are there still men like this man? And as a lady, what will a man do for you to make you respect him?

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I Got Drunk


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