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Husband and wife relationship

Four Major Problems In Double Marriage

In certain situations, it is legal for a man to marry more than one wife at the same time if only the means of taking care of the wives is there. There are a lot of men who are married to more than one wife yet they are able to control the situation to the extent there’s no problem within their women or wives.

But in most homes where there’s double marriage there are a whole lot of problems which sometimes leads to fighting and other problems.

In this article, I want to address four major problems that mostly happen in double marriage as a man.


Man is faced with financial hardship in contracting more than one wife and which has to do with  maintaining the household and it's members. As a man, you need extra money to pay the bride price for your new wife or wives, take good care of her or them as well as getting a new accommodation for her or them. 

Again feeding the whole family, paying water rate, electricity bills, school fees and medical bills too is an extra cost which will add up to his financial burdens in his marital home. 


As a man marries more wives ,each of them will be willing to bear children with the man.This will lead to having many children in the family. As a man being the family head, he's supposed to instill discipline in the home but unfortunately will have a little time to spend with the individual family. 

There will be inadequate guidance, counselling, discipline and control of the children especially when the wives or the man lives separately in a marital home.


Petty quarrels, fighting, jealousy and greed are bound to occur among the wives especially when the man does not give equal attention, care and opportunities to each of the wives then  rivalry is bound to happen.

For instance, if the man is not able to care for each of the wives and children equally, especially in the provision of money and other needs. This of course will instill rivalry and squabbles among the wives.


A man with double wives finds it difficult to maintain peace in the home.There is always a whole lot of pain in the heart of the wives and children.

There is not a single day that he won't receive complaints and reports from wives and children against each other. He won't have peace especially where there is rivalry, fighting and bullying by children. Such a man is going to find it difficult to control and maintain peace in his home.

So for a man to think and plan of marrying two wives, he must consider the given information and put himself together before going into it.

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