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I found my Dad and my kid sister making love. Should I tell my mom?

My name is Christian and for a few years now, I could tell my mother and father had a lot of marital issues. They could barely communicate and they were always found fighting. My mother would approach me in tears and tell me my father has been cheating on her. She could not figure out who my father was making out with but this always broke her heart.

Not until recently, I came to notice my father's mistress, my very own kid sister. Yes, as much as it sounds abominable and crazy, my father had been sleeping with my 19-year-old sister all this time and hurting my mother whilst at it. I came to realize of their affair after I got home one day from lectures and found them making out in the washroom and saying they love each other.

“ You give it to me more than your mother I even love you more than your mother,” I heard my father tell my sister. They did not hear me and thus, I left the house in complete disguise and disbelief. I went to my mother’s workshop and could not even tell her what I saw because I know her heart will be more broken.

But what do you suggest that I do?

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