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Husband and wife relationship

Our Parents Married Without Any Marriage Seminars, But Theirs Lasted Longer Than This Ours; Why?

Many are thoughts on the minds of people as they wonder about thinking of what could be mssing in the current generation. With infinite questions on how our individual parents and ancient migrations led their lives to marriage and it lasted for a lifetime.

What missing piece could we be missing? Some people enter into marriage and are ejected out in three months, weeks or even a day. Some barely make it to the next day and things unfortunately go wayward. Could it be that there’s something we don’t know or there isn’t enough knowledge available to absorb?

Could money be a factor? Could it be religion? Or what we feel and call love is actually something else of which we must sit to decipher our feelings of thoughts, love and affection?

Dear reader, our parents married without any marriage seminar, but their marriage lives lasted longer than of our generation; why?

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