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5 Ways to be the man every woman is looking for

As a man, there are ways you can be the man every woman is looking for. Sometimes most men ask what women what. Remember, every single woman will have different subjective when it comes to choosing a husband or partner.

1. Your reasoning ability.

As a man, you need to understand that your ability of reasoning matters when it comes to getting woman. This is why women tend to fall for a man with a reasoning ability. As a man, when a woman talks about a mature man, she doesn't always mean an elderly person. But a man with reasoning ability. So when you're able to handle a situation appropriately as a man, this can help you go a long way in winning a woman over.

2. Be confident.

As a man, you should understand that being confident alone can go a long way in winning a woman's heart. Every woman wants to be with a woman who is confident and bold enough to go for what she wants. As a man, the very first step to winning a woman's heart is by being confident. Remember being confident is great happiness in life, freedom from anxiety. When you're confident, you get real benefits. And others will be able to respect and trust you.

3. Don't be the girly-man.

A majority of women like men who are sensitive. A man who knows what a woman wants. So as a man, you should understand that every woman wants to be with a man who knows what to do as a man. This is why it is very important to get rid of amateur behaviors and habits. If you want a woman to start noticing you as a man.

4. Break free from comparison.

As a man, you should never compare the woman you're dating to your ex. Women dislike such habits always, and they appreciate who she is. You don't always have to bring in comparison just because you want her to be better. There are different ways you can correct her without comparing her to your ex or anyone else. And the very first step is by accepting her the way she is. Accept her flaws in order for you to be able to correct her.

5. Be financially stable.

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