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Love is amazing and has no boundaries. For this reason, many people have made it a point not to be limited by love. There has been so many different instances when some young men and young women decided to either date or marry people older than them. The funniest part of it all is that, when approached by locals who are older than them, they will spill out a bitter statement which goes like, "please, looking at our age difference, I don't think we can be compatible".

This is literally a statement which is meant at bouncing you like a basketball. They simply mean you are older than them and therefore they cannot be with you. Well, it is okay if you decide not to be with someone because you think there are huge differences in your age. It only becomes a problem when you see another person with a similar age and decide to be with that person just because of one or two things you are likely to gain from them.

That is where uncertainty arises. Why would you tell a person that you cannot be with them for the mere fact that they are older than you such that they can even be your parents but, go ahead to be with another person with a similar age?

This is evident that in such relationships, there is no love present. These young ones are forced to loving the old based on the center of attraction known as money. Money really does the unthinkable and propels many people to do things they wouldn't ever do if all things were equal.

Getting the citizenship of foreign countries has been a factor which has propelled many people to marry foreigners irrespective of their age.

For some people, they think there is nothing wrong with ignoring an old person who doesn't have money on the basis of they being old and going in for an old person with money. This doesn't make sense from my view. If your principle is to reject people out of your age group, kindly stick to that principle. Let no bias rise in your relationship life. Money is everything but money doesn't do everything

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