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Couple Married With Just Soft Drinks And Bread At Their Wedding

Weddings are really expensive in Ghana and it takes around 15,000 Ghana Cedis or more to organize a wedding that befits societal standards.

Some couples even go to the extent of seeking loans to organize a ceremony that lasts for a day to meet some societal standards. Therefore, they don't even properly enjoy the marriage because they are under constant pressure from debt collectors.

Many couples haven't come to the understanding that marriage is the important thing and not the wedding ceremony. Why waste so much money on a wedding ceremony when you live in a rented apartment?

Why rush if you can't afford your dream wedding or you are not financially equipped to sponsor a glamorous wedding? Either way, it's a huge waste of cash if we look at it from an objective standpoint.

Even the Europeans and Americans who introduced white weddings to us and are more financially sound don't waste too much money on their weddings as we do.

If you have the money, why not? However, if you are now starting life, economize as this couple did.

A picture circulating on social media captured a couple who got engaged by inviting a few relatives and friends and served only soft drinks and bread at the reception.

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